Why rebrand?

Why rebrand?

Why rebrand?

Forget the past

When rebranding your business avoid hang-ups from the past: what worked years ago is not working now, so try to get over the history of your business and focus on the present and future.

Be sure that the problem is with your brand

Attributes such as quality, service, integrity, and others that influence your brand may have problems, so be sure the problem is with the business and not with you or your people.

Pick a good name

A name you think sounds good may prove to be confusing to others, so hire some professional marketing services or survey friends, family, and strangers to make sure your name is easy to remember and accurately communicates the nature of your business to others.

Pretend that you are a customer

Just a few simple steps can go a long way toward repairing your brand. For example, try calling your phone number to see what happens. Get a friend or relative who your employees don’t know to visit your business to see how they feel about your brand. Real life experience can help you direct your rebranding effort.

Study examples

If you know of a successful business that seems to be doing things right, study it to see how its brand has been built. You can also study experiences in rebranding to learn what methods seem to be most successful. Look at a cross section of businesses, not just those in your field, so you can get a broad perspective on the rebranding process.

Get a plan

A new logo and new stationery does not constitute a rebranding effort. While a cosmetic makeover may help, plan your rebranding strategy and don’t be afraid to make major changes “under the hood” in order to make your new brand work.
Your rebranding effort can make or break your success, so be sure to take enough time to adequately plan for it.

Do not overlook the fundamentals

As in sports, the degree to which you master the fundamentals will make the difference between success and mediocrity. Even if you have been in business for a long time, never make the mistake of skipping the basics while formulating your rebranding effort.

Keep cost in perspective

Rebranding does not mean that you must spend a lot of money. As already mentioned here, friends, family, and even strangers can be solicited for their opinions and ideas that can strengthen your efforts. Also, remember that merely throwing cash at professional solutions does not guarantee success. Keep your efforts balanced and you will find that you can afford to rebrand your business.

Make rebranding a team effort

You will find that your employees will unite behind your rebranding efforts if you allow them to partner with you in the effort. Include them as part of your team and you will come through the process stronger than ever.

Do the research

Find out if your new name is registered by anyone else before you use it. Once you have found a new name, be sure to register it so others don’t infringe on your new brand. These 10 tips for rebranding your business will help you make good decisions that will help you  maximize your chance for success.