Website Videos – Embed or Upload?

Website Videos

Website Videos

High-Quality Website Videos Can Be Invaluable to Engage Your Audience

Creative website videos which tell your story can be a perfect marketing tool, especially if you are promoting a global service.

In our ever-changing digital world, online engagement and social media is the norm and time is of the essence. Although the audience is more accessible, there is a lot of competition and it is more difficult to keep the attention of the audience. Having a clear and interesting promotional video on your website can increase the time the visitor spends on your site, and not your competitors.

However, website videos that don’t load can have an adverse effect. It is important to upload your videos correctly to increase their impact.

So, How Do I Upload My Video to my WordPress Site?

Well…strangely, not by directly uploading the video on WordPress.

Although it is possible to upload videos through WordPress, it is not advisable.

Despite offering the functionality, hosting your own video on WordPress causes nothing but problems.

Server Issues
– Sending excessive requests to your server can slow down your site. 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.

– Uploading and hosting videos on WordPress costs you bandwidth – Bandwidth basically refers to the maximum rate of data transfer that can be processed between your site, users and the internet.

– High-quality long website videos will cost you more bandwidth. Each time your video is embedded on any other platform, you are using more bandwidth. Depending on who hosts your website, excessive server requests could see the host suspending your website.

– Managing videos in WordPress can be awkward and time-consuming. Often, additional plugins are required to manage and display your videos. Plugins also increase your server load.

Fortunately, There Is a Viable Solution…Embedding!

What is Embedding?

Embedding a video means that you upload your video to a third-party site and embed the link on your website. The most popular video-sharing service is youtube.

‘YouTube is now pulling in over 1.8 billion users every month.’

Armed with a promotional video, why not try and capture the youtube audience and increase your views.

Aside from the audience, a youtube channel offers other positive attributes:

– An easy and clear profile and channel to manage

– A clear URL to paste into WordPress and on Social Media – making it easy for you to share your videos across different platforms

– A familiar site to users with clear social media icons – users can easily share your video and increase reach…perhaps your video will go viral 😉

In June 2017 TubularInsights recorded an increase in the number of views of branded videos by 99% on Youtube and 258% on Facebook. The growth of video is unquestionable. Youtube is catching up to Facebook, the world’s largest platform, and becoming Google’s most popular service.

We strongly recommend you to Upload Videos to Youtube and Embed the Link in your Website!

Website Videos