Is my website mobile friendly?

Is my website mobile friendly?

Is my website mobile friendly?

You’re probably asking yourself “Is my website mobile friendly?”, because you’ve heard that Google has started to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in its search results.

If so, we’d recommend using the link below to analyse your website…

If the results weren’t what you hoped, there are options available…

  1. Rebuild your website using a responsive design.
  2. Get your existing website to adjust it’s layout for mobile devices.
  3. Create a cut down version of your website for mobile users.
  4. Replace Flash animations with jQuery animations.

The options above have been listed in order of effectiveness, with number 1 being the most effective, but also the most expensive.

If you’re restricted by budget, it’s worth seeing how mobile friendly your competitors are and this will give you a guide as to where you need to be.

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