The benefits of email marketing

The benefits of email marketing

The benefits of email marketing

Low Cost: Accumulating email addresses and maintaining a mailing list is relatively inexpensive, as well as sending out a newsletter. The cost of sending thousands of pieces of direct mail would be much more expensive to reach the same number of customers.

Tracability: Clickthroughs and positive or negative responses to newsletters by customers emails can be easily tracked by many numerous tracking metrics. This allows for a measurement of return on investment as well as the effective of a marketing campaign.

Instant Delivery Time: Email is near instant and so provides the benefit of deploying a marketing campaign faster than traditional media. The ‘quickness’ of the internet also encourages immediate responses from potential customers.

Personalisation and Campaign Testing: It is easier and cheaper to personalise emails, or a group of emails, than for physical print media and also than for the company’s website. This allows a relatively easy and cost effective way to test different email creatives and messaging.

Integration: Another level of market targeting allows email marketing combined with other direct media more of a chance to reinforce the marketing campaign message with an audience.

Pushing the Message: Website based advertising relies on an individual to visit the website. Direct email communication allows an advertiser to ‘push’ it’s message to the target audience.

Numbers: It is far easier to collect email addresses of interested parties who can then opt-in to companies marketing emails and newsletters than it would be to collect physical addresses and send direct mail to the same interested parties.

Green: E-mail marketing is paper-free.