Convert more website visitors into enquirers with Lead Pages

Lead Pages

Convert more website visitors into enquirers with Lead Pages

Your business has a website, or is considering developing a new website and you offer a number of products or services.

Although your website offers numerous choices you are not converting visitors into enquirers.

You might be offering too much choice!
If your campaign offers one Call to Action, yet there are numerous potential actions, the visitor loses focus.

The result?….they may not select anything at all!
This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the website, but you may benefit from something called a lead page for specific campaigns.

A lead page is specifically designed to persuade the user towards a particular action and convert them into enquirers.

These are some things to consider when creating an effective lead page:

• Develop and deliver a clear USP for the product or service.

• Consider using an explainer video.

• Focus on a primary call to action to register their details, call you or make a purchase there and then.

• Use clear, succinct headers, sub headers and bullet points to deliver benefits.

• Incorporate a ‘hero’ image to communicate the product or service at a glance.

…if you want to discuss further or need clarification on what’s involved please get in touch…