How can I control SPAM?

How can I control SPAM?

How can I control SPAM?

The information on this page covers the steps you can take to control SPAM and how to make the changes.

The first thing you need to decide on, is what to do with your SPAM?

The spam filter can be set to delete the spam messages, mark them as spam by changing their subject, or move them to a special spam folder.

The second decision is how sensitive do you want the filter?

The spam filter performs a number of different tests on the contents and subject line of each message. As a result, each message scores a number of points. The higher the number, the more likely a message is spam.

By default, the filter sensitivity is set so that all messages that score 7 or more points are classified as spam. If you receive lots of spam messages with the current setting, the filter can be made more sensitive, by setting a lower value, for example, 6. If you are missing email because your spam filter thinks they are junk, the filter sensitivity can be reduced by setting a higher value, for example, 8.

How can I make these changes?

You can either contact us and request a change in your SPAM settings, ask for an update on your current settings or request access to control SPAM settings yourself.

What other control do I have?

It’s also possible to add certain email addresses to either a whitelist (Never mark as SPAM) or blacklist (Always mark as SPAM), meaning the SPAM filter sensitivity has no effect on emails from that address.